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July 7, 2018

World of Warcraft

Pre-patch Pre-quests

After the quests to unlock the Artifact weapon’s full level (125), before the pre-patch’s release, these news started popping up on WoWHead:

When the first one was written, people claimed it was “Eh, expected, normal mode should be easy for fully mythic geared players!”.
And then, Mythic Argus, from the endraid Antorus, the Burning Throne was solo healed.

Blizzard needs to rethink whole game carefully before throwing in unchecked content. I believe there was a game out there, Tibia, Runescape or whatever, in which a player reached level 1k or what it was, and was then allowed to visit an island which had only general vendors and no actual content. Their reply was: “We didn’t think anyone would make it there!”.
They were wrong, and lazy for not bothering to create the content, and even worse for not connecting with the community, to know that there was a player ever so close and STREAMING his leveling experience.

In comparison, Blizzard needs to start getting some more Q&A employees to fully test things before putting it live, might as well employ those players who cleared that content like professionals!


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