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November 9, 2018

John Bishop Blake

Where are you going? Story Status

Sorry for the delays about John’s time away, currently on chapter 2 (Where are you going?).

I’ll write it when I can find the time for it, I can’t force the feeling to keep writing it right now.


November 1, 2018

John Bishop Blake

Where are you going? Pt. 1

It’s a cold morning, chilly enough to lift the hairs on one’s arms, the sky still quite dark and cloudy. Seagulls could be heard from a mile away; he was coming back.
John woke up, with a long ungroomed neckbeard, his eyes still begging to stay closed, but John knew he couldn’t go back to sleep, not now at least.
Not when his mind was haunted by words. “Where are you going?” were the last words Tal’anos said to him the three days before. Last words before he died.

Tal’anos and John hurried to the gryphonmaster. They flied over to Highmountain; as the Legion has been dealt with, everything was calmer and safer.
Their first stop was Thunder Totem. Iti’enne had gone there, that morning first thing, unknown reasons.
So it was the only place they could look for clues.

July 7, 2018

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 4

“Bring it on.” John replied with confidence.

Iti’enne told John to rest for the day, that tomorrow the trial would commence. John searched for Iti’enne in the morning, but he could not find him.
He was not at the Grove. He asked around, but no one was able to tell John where he was as no one else knew it either.
It had been a week since Iti’enned and John spoke at the Grove when finally someone showed up with news.

Tal’anos approached John during his meal time. He was eating a salad assortment of vegetables he had never tried before, courtesy of a druid whom had the dream
of becoming a chef.
“Hey, mon, ya not busy are ya? I must speak to ya.” Tal’anos interrupted John.
“I’m clearly busy, eating…” John replied, somewhat growling. Tal’anos cackled loudly, making the anyone near them, stare at the duo. “Can you not…” begged John.
“I bring news from da shan’do, mon.” Tal’anos finally spilled it.
“Iti’enne?” John asked eagerly putting aside the bowl of salad.
“Iti’enne.” said Tal’anos, with a more serious voice. “He be in trouble mon. We gotta help him, Jun” he started the explanation. “Iti’enne tasked some of us to get sum magical item… but
we were attacked ya see, and then I managed to escape… and Iti’enne told me to take ya with me, to help him would be your test!”.
“Well…” John began. “Let’s get going, then!” John exclaimed.

June 26, 2018

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 3

John heard a familiar voice calling from behind, as he dismounted the hippogryph he had taken to the Dreamgrove, Kel. “John Blake!” the voice started. “It’s good ta see ya mon, how long has it been?! Ya look thin! Ya eatin’ properly? Come, I have some kimchi for ya. Da night elves cook it good, did ya know?” the voice offered.

“Thanks, Tal’anos, but it’s fine. I’m not planning to stay much longer.” John replied to the voice. It was Tal’anos, a troll druid he had met prior to the events in the Broken Shore, in Moonglade whilst being trained by Naladrieth long ago.

“Do you know where Shan’do Iti’enne is?” John asked eager to see the teacher, to quickly leave the place.
It’s not that he didn’t want to see the Dreamgrove, but the reason why he was there and how it was imposed that he would be there frightened him.
“He should be by da studies where da moonkin’ used to teach young moonkin’.” Tal’anos replies.

John wasted no time. He ran downstairs, searching for Iti’enne. He was a very old night elven druid, rumors said he learned from Malfurion himself.
And there he was, reading a book in his chair. John approached him. Without lifting his eyes from the book he seemed to be focused on, he started to speak.
“Ishnu-allah, John.” he started. “I’m pleased you were able to come in such short notice.” he finished with a short smile in the corner of his mouth.

“Of course, Master. It’s not everyday that I’m threatened to lose my status.” John explained him. “You see John, you are lacking in progress.”.
“Progress?” John asked, to which Iti’enne replied “You see, boy, you can barely shapeshift. Tell me, what is the difference between your ability to transform your skin to be though as bark and – never mind. I’d like to set you on a journey to discover yourself.”.

“A journey to discover… myself?” John asked, frowning in fear. “Yes. Is it druidism the true path you which to follow? Is it your calling?” Iti’enne questioned. “Of course it is!” John replied.
“If it is, you will complete a small test. That is, if you which to remain one of us.” Iti’enne proposed.

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 2

Panksdon raised an eyebrow. “That fucker still about?” he angrily. “Ignore it. He’s not worth our troubles, you know that, right?” John replied in his defense.
John crumbled the letter in his hand and threw it onto the fire.

“Did ya hear, by the way? Apparently Silithus is a mess – that sword that fell from the skies…” Panksdon began to explain. “destroyed everything. Heard from a source that a war between the Alliance and the Horde might be about to erupt even!” he finished, with a smirk.

John rolled his eyes as he took another sip of his tea. “There’s always a war going on.” he said.
“Sirs! Where is John Blake?” shouted a man at the door of the inn. “Who’s asking?” John asked curiously, from his seat, posing his mug down and throwing his feet off the wooden table, whilst staring at the man, worriedly. “Go’ a letter fer you!” he said as he searched his bag for the item.

He handed it to John before leaving almost in a hurry, without even saying goodbye.
John didn’t waste time in opening the letter with his own claw, as his hand became furrier at his will. He took the mysterious paper from inside and began to read loudly.

Mr. John Blake
You are requested to be present in the Dreamgrove in 3 days time in Val’sharah.
Should you fail to uphold this order, and you will be cast out of your title.
Signed: Iti’enne Wildroot

John’s faced turned into a frown as he read the second sentence. What could possibly be so urgent as to threaten his title?
“That doesn’t sound to good. I could ask Erediir what’s this all about.” Panksdon suggested as he approached John with a plate in his hand.

“It’s… fine. It’s fine, Panks. I’ll go there and see what the heck is going on… this really does strike me as a surprise though, the Legion’s gone, so, what could possibly be so urgent? But I guess there is no point in complaining. I should get going.” John finished, as Panks put his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t ya worry mate. You got time. Here’s your meal.” Panksdon said as he placed the plate with two cooked turkey legs on the table, in front of John.”.

“I appreciate it, but” John started “These news made me lose my appetite. I’ll get going.” to which Panksdon replied “If you say so, mate…”.

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 1

Fear. It’s in all of us. One of most important feelings we living creatures experience to protect ourselves from threats, is fear. Everyone fears something.

It may be an event. Another being. An object. No matter what shape or form, you will certainly cower in fear and run. Brave ones however, may stand against their own fears – to the naked eye, they are fearless. But their hearts shake, petrified.

John Bishop Blake had nothing fear though. Not this morning. It was a sunny, summer day. Wolff was no longer a threat. Whether he comes back or not, everyone will be ready for him. The ones who are still alive, at least.

He was sitting on an old chair, with his feet upon the table near the fireplace, while focusing his attention a paper he had in right hand. It was a letter, delivered that same morning. It was from his father, Daniel.

My son,
As you may have heard, the Burning Legion has been defeated. Everyone’s cheering and celebrating.
I’ve kept in contact in Panksdon. He tells me of your adventures. I apologize for not having been able to be present, specially with the fight against Wolff, but as you know, the Broken Shore as kept me busy, and it still does, there is a lot of bureaucracy issues and whatnot to solve around here.
I really haven’t had the chance to say this a lot but, I love you son. Stay strong.
Signed: Daniel B Blake

John sipped on the mug of tea, held on his left hand as he read the last sentence of the letter his father had sent him, finishing off the sip with a sigh and a roll of his eyes.

“Honestly, he shouldn’t even have bothered.” John said out loud, hoping Panksdon, who was behind the counter would hear it and ask about it.

“What are ya talking about?” Panksdon asked. “My fa –“ John paused. He looked at the letter by the corner of his eyes. “Daniel sent me a letter. Wishing us to stay strong and all that crap.” John replied, with a bitter taste in his mouth.

John Bishop Blake

Hello world!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. Here I will relate stories that happen in John Blake’s life. John Blake is a worgen druid apprentice in the RPPVP (soon to be RP only) realm Defias Brotherhood Eu.

I will also write some stuff about WoW itself, Blizzard, his IC guild and some stories about John’s father: Daniel Bishop Blake.

Enjoy reading!

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