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November 9, 2018

Civilians of Azeroth

What are the Civilians of Azeroth?

The Civilians of Azeroth is an Alliance guild in the European RPPVP realms (Defias Brotherhood, etc) that started by the player Myula, moving on to me, Johnblake.

Currently there are no plans to make a Horde version, but perhaps in the future.

The guild’s purpose is for anyone who wishes to roleplay casually and simply, like a community for the guildless roleplayers or so to say.
The guild is currently not very well populated (3 players only…) due to lack of time for advertising it properly.

Within the guild itself, there is a group of friends who have their own personal group (The Wolff Clause) and have their own personal roleplays.

Civilians of Azeroth

The Story of my Bones: Chapter of a Dead Man’s Bones

On that moment that Richard was left to die, something triggered in his soul, in his head, in his heart. A familiar feeling, of when he learned
as a child that his father wanted nothing to do with him or his mother.

Richard embraced his true nature he had kept from everyone and even himself for years, to ensure his survival. His body began to change into a crude, wicker creature. He had been taught by the Thornspeakers the ways of Drust druidism, at the age of 13 until he became 21 when he left them to pursue a sea lifestyle. And that’s how Richard lived that unfaithful day.

With a heart burning for revenge, he returned to Kul Tiras. He gathered a mighty crew and within 3 years he became a feared pirate captain.
He became rich with his plunders, but never once he turned his last eye from the thought… of revenge.

And he planned, and planned his return.

Civilians of Azeroth

The Story of my Bones: Chapter of the Sailor’s Bones

Rick was still nothing but a homeless hungry rat to everyone in town. But this time, he would do things right. He enlisted with the fleet,
becoming a sailor. He knew he was meant for the seas since his birth, and it was time to prove it to the world that he was not just some
lowly criminal, recklessly stealing some apples for survival.

Throughout this phase of his life, Richard also became obsessed with learning about his father. He knew he was the child of Galvyn Bones,
a famous pirate that would usually port in Freehold. And so he went to meet him.

Galvyn appeared to be quite interested in Richard during their meet up in a pub in Freehold. He had grown from the young 20 year old trying
to prove himself by passing himself as a cruel man, and felt horrible for leaving Raven and Richard to themselves. He claimed he tried
to find him later in Boralus, a few years back, but had not luck.

Galvyn then proposed Richard that he’d work for him. Richard refused for a few weeks until he became haunted by the thought of rejection
of his father if he kept refusing.

Until the age of 35, Richard did some work on the side for his father, while remaining a sailor for Kul Tiras. Everything was fine in his life.
When the day he, along with many others received a mission to attack the Horde at Theramore.

After a miracle, he left with only an eye missing, saved by Phineas Woods’ crew, a young man his age, Panksdon Moltcup.

He returned to Boralus after a long trip, only to realize that this isn’t the life he wanted for himself. He felt like a prisioner of the higher people. So he returned to Freehold and sailed to Booty Bay, a port where Phineas Woods would be around often, as he heard from Panksdon.

He begged to join their crew. Together they went on all kinds of adventures, even to go as far as murdering his own father who would attempt to
force him to join his crew, stealing his ship, becoming a captain himself and losing that ship, becoming just a buccaneer for Woods once more.

But he never regretted begging Woods to take him. Even when 7 years later, he was left to die at sea, on a plank by Panksdon himself.

Civilians of Azeroth

The Story of my Bones: Chapter of a Child’s Bones

This story is now about a Blake per say, but a family member of the long Blackoak tree. It is about Richard Bones, the pirate Captain.

Richard came to the world through with simple means. A child, long descendent from the Drust through the Bones family tree.
Born on the ship of his father, made him sure that the sea was the only life for him. That was his real home.

But for as long as he can remember, he was more like an orphan in the alleys of Boralus.

Galvyn Bones, a young captain in his 20s, saw no use for a child and cast away his wife, Raven, along with the infant.
She was forced to leave Freehold as well, and therefore went to Boralus, the grand capital of Kul Tiras. There, Raven found refuge with among others.

It was only a few years later that she perished, to hunger. There was many homeless people in Boralus, and Richard and his mother were no better than a few hungry rats without a home. He was only 9 when she passed away. But Richard was no fool.

He conquered the streets of Boralus, becoming a notorious thief — chasing only food and barely any money.
At the age of 13 he heard his calling: nature, the woods, the trees. He took a ferry to Drustvar and was not seen again until the age of 21, when he mysteriously showed up in Boralus once more.

July 5, 2018

Civilians of Azeroth

Wanted Dead or Alive

As the days go by, a Stormwind Guard attaches a parchment paper from his stack of parchments on the noticeboard of Lakeshire Inn.

Click here to see the parchment.

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