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November 9, 2018

Civilians of Azeroth

The Story of my Bones: Chapter of a Dead Man’s Bones

On that moment that Richard was left to die, something triggered in his soul, in his head, in his heart. A familiar feeling, of when he learned
as a child that his father wanted nothing to do with him or his mother.

Richard embraced his true nature he had kept from everyone and even himself for years, to ensure his survival. His body began to change into a crude, wicker creature. He had been taught by the Thornspeakers the ways of Drust druidism, at the age of 13 until he became 21 when he left them to pursue a sea lifestyle. And that’s how Richard lived that unfaithful day.

With a heart burning for revenge, he returned to Kul Tiras. He gathered a mighty crew and within 3 years he became a feared pirate captain.
He became rich with his plunders, but never once he turned his last eye from the thought… of revenge.

And he planned, and planned his return.

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