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November 1, 2018

John Bishop Blake

Where are you going? Pt. 1

It’s a cold morning, chilly enough to lift the hairs on one’s arms, the sky still quite dark and cloudy. Seagulls could be heard from a mile away; he was coming back.
John woke up, with a long ungroomed neckbeard, his eyes still begging to stay closed, but John knew he couldn’t go back to sleep, not now at least.
Not when his mind was haunted by words. “Where are you going?” were the last words Tal’anos said to him the three days before. Last words before he died.

Tal’anos and John hurried to the gryphonmaster. They flied over to Highmountain; as the Legion has been dealt with, everything was calmer and safer.
Their first stop was Thunder Totem. Itiā€™enne had gone there, that morning first thing, unknown reasons.
So it was the only place they could look for clues.

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