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July 7, 2018

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 4

“Bring it on.” John replied with confidence.

Iti’enne told John to rest for the day, that tomorrow the trial would commence. John searched for Iti’enne in the morning, but he could not find him.
He was not at the Grove. He asked around, but no one was able to tell John where he was as no one else knew it either.
It had been a week since Iti’enned and John spoke at the Grove when finally someone showed up with news.

Tal’anos approached John during his meal time. He was eating a salad assortment of vegetables he had never tried before, courtesy of a druid whom had the dream
of becoming a chef.
“Hey, mon, ya not busy are ya? I must speak to ya.” Tal’anos interrupted John.
“I’m clearly busy, eating…” John replied, somewhat growling. Tal’anos cackled loudly, making the anyone near them, stare at the duo. “Can you not…” begged John.
“I bring news from da shan’do, mon.” Tal’anos finally spilled it.
“Iti’enne?” John asked eagerly putting aside the bowl of salad.
“Iti’enne.” said Tal’anos, with a more serious voice. “He be in trouble mon. We gotta help him, Jun” he started the explanation. “Iti’enne tasked some of us to get sum magical item… but
we were attacked ya see, and then I managed to escape… and Iti’enne told me to take ya with me, to help him would be your test!”.
“Well…” John began. “Let’s get going, then!” John exclaimed.

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