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June 26, 2018

John Bishop Blake

The Class is in Session Pt. 3

John heard a familiar voice calling from behind, as he dismounted the hippogryph he had taken to the Dreamgrove, Kel. “John Blake!” the voice started. “It’s good ta see ya mon, how long has it been?! Ya look thin! Ya eatin’ properly? Come, I have some kimchi for ya. Da night elves cook it good, did ya know?” the voice offered.

“Thanks, Tal’anos, but it’s fine. I’m not planning to stay much longer.” John replied to the voice. It was Tal’anos, a troll druid he had met prior to the events in the Broken Shore, in Moonglade whilst being trained by Naladrieth long ago.

“Do you know where Shan’do Iti’enne is?” John asked eager to see the teacher, to quickly leave the place.
It’s not that he didn’t want to see the Dreamgrove, but the reason why he was there and how it was imposed that he would be there frightened him.
“He should be by da studies where da moonkin’ used to teach young moonkin’.” Tal’anos replies.

John wasted no time. He ran downstairs, searching for Iti’enne. He was a very old night elven druid, rumors said he learned from Malfurion himself.
And there he was, reading a book in his chair. John approached him. Without lifting his eyes from the book he seemed to be focused on, he started to speak.
“Ishnu-allah, John.” he started. “I’m pleased you were able to come in such short notice.” he finished with a short smile in the corner of his mouth.

“Of course, Master. It’s not everyday that I’m threatened to lose my status.” John explained him. “You see John, you are lacking in progress.”.
“Progress?” John asked, to which Iti’enne replied “You see, boy, you can barely shapeshift. Tell me, what is the difference between your ability to transform your skin to be though as bark and – never mind. I’d like to set you on a journey to discover yourself.”.

“A journey to discover… myself?” John asked, frowning in fear. “Yes. Is it druidism the true path you which to follow? Is it your calling?” Iti’enne questioned. “Of course it is!” John replied.
“If it is, you will complete a small test. That is, if you which to remain one of us.” Iti’enne proposed.

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